Welcoming Emerald Lion Photobooths

Welcoming Emerald Lion Photobooths

The Park is delighted to welcome Emerald Lion Photobooths as one of its approved partners.

Emerelad Lion specialises in high quality photobooths, selfie towers and Magic Mirrors that provide your guests a great way to entertain themselves at your event as well as providing a lovely photographic memento of the day. A rare thing in an age when we take photos but rarely print them.

Emerald Lions photobooths come with a range of diferent exteriors from the twinkly night sky to a fun tuk tuk, allowing you to easily tailor the look of your photobooth to tie in with the theme of your event.

Meanwhile their Magic Mirrors are fully interactive machines that will encourage your guests ot strike outrageous poses in order to deliver the very best in selfie photography. No having stick your arm for this one!

So whatever your event type, be it a wedding, prom or corporate fun day, know that Emerald Lion can provide that extra special fun item to it.

Check out the photo’s below to see just what Emeral Lion has to offer your event!


Magic Mirror

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